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Cheapest Delivery
Rate in town

10x20 Tent $150

TNT102001 10 ft. x 20 ft. Tent $150

Bounce House $100

BH1301 13 ft. Bounce House $100

Cotton Candy Machine $55

MCCC01 Cotton Candy Machine $55

Snow Cone Machine $55
MCSC01 Snow Cone Machine $55

Bounce House Rentals

Want to throw a child’s birthday party? Then rent a bounce house and you have an instant child’s birthday party. A bounce house is absolutely required and can make the whole party worth it for children from toddler on up to early teen aged children. You can get bounce houses in various configurations starting with the typical bounce house only, bounce houses with a slide attached all the way up to bounce houses with multiple slides and other compartments attached. Your budget can determine how elaborate a bounce house you can get. When renting a bounce house you want the bounce house to be decorated with the theme of the child’s birthday party. Whether it is Dora The Explorer, Mickey Mouse, or Spiderman or any one of a hundred other superheroes you want that theme to be attached to the bounce house so make sure and let us know what the theme of your birthday party is.



During your party you want to take lot’s of pictures and even take some video of the birthday girl or boy playing with all of their friends and family on the bounce house because this party will be one of the most memorable parties of that child’s life.

Live Action Figures

You can increase the effectiveness of the theme by also renting the services of an action figure to entertain the children during the party. For boys you can consider renting a Spider Man or Buzz Lightyear. For girls you can rent an action figure dressed as Dora The Explorer or as a Fairy Princess. These action figures can dance with the children, sing songs with them, blow up and tie balloons into cute pets and other inanimate objects like swords or flowers.

Face Painting

You can add to the excitement of your child’s birthday party by renting the services of a face painter to paint the faces of the kids during the party. The face painter can turn the children into tiger’s clowns, action heroes like Spiderman and so on. The face painter can start at the beginning of the party or in the middle so that the children can wear their new face design throughout the party. You also want to take lot’s of pictures of your child’s face painted because this will also be a very memorable thing for your child and his or her friends and family.

Pretty Party Rentals can provide you with bounce houses, live action figures, face painters and balloon blowers at very reasonable prices. We can also provide you with photographers and videographers to document your child’s birthday party so that they will have a record of this very special day for years to come. So call us today to start preparing for your child’s birthday party in time to reserve everything before they’re all gone.

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