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10x20 Tent $150

TNT102001 10 ft. x 20 ft. Tent $150

Bounce House $100

BH1301 13 ft. Bounce House $100

Cotton Candy Machine $55

MCCC01 Cotton Candy Machine $55

Snow Cone Machine $55
MCSC01 Snow Cone Machine $55

How to Serve your Event Guests in Style

When planning your big event you need to take into account the food presentation and serving items in order to give your event that finished, professional look. Pretty Party Rentals has you covered in this department and can provide you with everything you need.

Buffet Warmers and Servers

Whether you are looking for single item chafing dishes or multi-pan units we have you covered. You need to determine how many units you need based on your menu, what items need warming and what items can be served cold. You also want to look into renting serving trays and multi-tier servers for the more exotic items on the menu. We also provide you with sternos to keep your hot serving foods at the right temperature for serving. Depending on the size of your event and the amount of food you will have you may want to consider renting a large food storage cooler to keep your food fresh. This is an absolute necessary item if the food will be prepared many hours or even a day before the event. You don't want to incur a lawsuit over food poisining. Just imagine what this will do to your reputation with your family or friends if people get sick through food poisining at one of your events. Call us today to help you plan your buffet servers and chafing dish needs.

China and Chargers

One of the ways to make your event look elegant is to rent good quality china food serving dish and complimentary chargers. These alone will add that sophisticated look to your event. Whether you are looking for plain white china or china rimmed with gold or silver or an intricate pattern or shape then Pretty Party Rentals is your one stop source for these items. If you have a specific design or pattern of china in mind and can't locate it we can help you locateit. You also want to include your water, wine and juice glasses in this planning so as to complete the overall staging of your event. We can help you determine the quantity and configuration of plates bowls and saucers based on the items you are serving on your menu. By getting this stage of the planning right your guest will appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. Also, by coordinating your china rentals with the rest of your party decor you give your event that professional look that will have your guests talking about your event for years to come.

Silver Flatware

Your guests need something to eat with, or as Eddie Murphy said in one of his famous jokes when the waiter asked, “Where’s the spoon”, “Ah hh!”. You want to get silver serving utensils that are not overly done but are simple and sturdy but still elegant. You also need to coordinate the right combination of utensils depending on what you are serving. If you are serving specialty foods like lobster, shrimp or other shell fish then it is important to plan for this so that your guests don’t mess up their good clothes trying to open crab legs with their hands or worse yet embarrass themselves in front of the other guests by struggling to open difficult shellfish with their mouth. Sit with one of our party planners to coordinate this very important but much overlooked item so that you can ensure that your guests enjoy your event to its fullest.

As always, call Pretty Party Rentals today o coordinate your Buffet Warmers and Servers, China and Chargers and Flatware needs at (954) 667-7597 or visit us online at

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